Tech milestone

myFC conducts final tests at Gateway Säve - milestone before delivery of Soft Mobility application to customer

This article is published despite the bankruptcy situation that has arisen and the bankruptcy trustee, Peter Roth, has decided to distribute the information. It does not change the cash situation that has led to the bankruptcy application.

After development and testing at the lab in Stockholm, myFC is ready for delivery of an application niche for Soft Mobility. Prior to final field tests and final delivery to the customer, the company has temporarily relocated to Gateway Säve just outside central Gothenburg.

- Gateway Säve is a rapidly growing center for hydrogen development and electro mobility in Sweden. This is also where our partner Nilsson Energy has one of its seats for the development and installation of its turnkey energy systems RE8760, says Michael Glantz, CEO of myFC.

The work with the development of the Soft Mobility application has followed a strict schedule, from feasibility study to sharp application development.

- This is the first project in our focus area Soft Mobility, an interesting growing market, says Michael Glantz.

According to him, myFC's team has succeeded with the project, where the company's patented micro fuel cell, LAMINA ™ Strip, has been at the center.

- The team has done an excellent job of developing a customized solution for the fast-growing industry Soft Mobility.

The LAMINA ™ Strip micro fuel cell is unique in the market. It has the trait that it is both malleable and easily scalable, which makes it particularly suitable for the Soft Mobility segment's challenging space requirements.

Collaborating partner share their view

The partner Nilsson Energy is present at the final tests in Gothenburg. The company is headquartered in The Hydrogen Dome at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

They are also newly established at Gateway Säve, a former traffic airport that has been developed by the real estate company Castellum into a new tech center with a focus on sustainable logistics and mobility. Here, too, a Swedish hydrogen gas center and Sweden's largest test bed for electromobility - SEEL - are taking shape.

Nilsson Energy extends across the entire value chain from green hydrogen production to delivering turnkey energy systems, with proprietary control and optimization, for energy storage until needed in a number of different applications.

Martina Wettin, co-owner and Marketing & PR Manager at Nilsson Energy, sees great potential in collaborations of the kind they have with myFC.

- Partnership is important. It is evolving and prevents you from getting stuck in limiting structures. We and myFC complement and strengthen each other throughout the value chain. There are many common interests, she says

According to Martina Wettin, clusters such as Gateway Säve play a crucial role in Swedish innovation power.

- To create development, it is necessary for companies to meet, be inspired by each other and try to find common areas to collaborate on. It requires generosity, an attitude that if we make an effort and extend the time horizon, we can create relevant things together, she says.

From airport to tech center

Gateway Säve's history began in 2015 when Gothenburg City Airport - 15 minutes from Gothenburg city center - closed down its operations. Then there were different plans for what would happen to the former traffic airport, which also has a history as a military air base. After a few trips, the real estate company Castellum became the owner of the area. They then began to sketch out their ideas for Gateway Säve, which will be developed in stages over a ten-year period. According to Castellum, the plan is to create almost 900,000 square meters of modern logistics and business premises, plus test areas for fossil-free and self-driving vehicles both in the air and on the ground. A total of 3 million square meters can be developed.

For Castellum, the type of collaboration that takes place between myFC and Nilsson Energy is exactly what they hoped for when the area began to be established. Now they see how Gateway Säve is shaped after the companies that move in, and there are great opportunities for companies to create exactly what they need.

- It is a fairly tender area with solid surfaces a bit from buildings where you do not disturb anyone. Here we can grow with our customers, says Peder Wahlgren, business developer at Castellum.

The location is also good from a strategic point of view.

- The automotive industry is nearby, as are ports and other logistics.

The companies that move in become an important source of jobs, according to Peder Wahlgren, it is about at least 5,000 to 8,000 jobs when the area is fully developed.

- Jobs that in turn will generate more than twice as many jobs in other places in Gothenburg and the rest of Sweden.

The development work is coming to an end

Senior Application Engineer and Project Manager Pouya H. Moud, who has worked intensively on myFC's project, says that the team is performing final tests before delivery in a customer project.  

- Now our proof-of-concept is ready for delivery and further testing of the customer, he says.

According to Pouya H. Moud, it has been both a challenging and exciting job to meet the customer's requirements specifications. But everything has gone according to plan, despite aggravating circumstances with external factors such as the pandemic and the availability of electronic components.

- It turned out as good as we aimed for, which proves that the technology is very well suited for this type of application, he says.

According to myFC's CEO Michael Glantz, the application has large commercial potential in the part of the Soft Mobility segment where the customer is located.

- This is a milestone for our patented technology with micro fuel cells, he says

The delivery means that myFC  is entering a new phase of industrialization of the technology.

- After tests are completed, we enter a stage of industrializing our technology. The step after that will be to volume produce our fuel cell LAMINA ™ Strip, he says.