Press Release

Important patent approved for myFC in Japan

myFC has been informed that the Japanese patent office has approved another key patent for the company. The patent covers an important section of the automatic control and self-regulation in the “open-end” solution, which means that the fuel cell in myFC’s technique can operate in the startup phase before the cell has gained enough hydrogen gas. The approval of the patent has is crucial in improving the fuel cell’s lifetime.

The patent covers the technique that is used to control the fuel cell in its startup phase.
The patent protects the unique automatic control that is used to prevent overcharging and degradation of the fuel cell before it can generate enough energy/power with the hydrogen gas supplied to the system. This technique is the basis for improving product lifetime and the performance of the thin and effective PEM-fuel cell that exists in the company’s fuel cell charger today, JAQ.

With this technique, the cells can be integrated into smartphones and other consumer-electronics and can outcompete the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries.

The approved patent petition in Japan further strengthens the protection that myFC has developed as well as increase the current patent portfolio of over 70 approved- and on-going patent applications, within nine patent families.  

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