Press Release

myFC showcases its hydrogen fuel cell technology at MWC Shanghai

myFC is showcasing how its innovative hydrogen fuel cell system can support companies which are looking to differentiate their battery-operated consumer products – whether they be cars or smartphones – at MWC Shanghai June 26-28.

Swedish fuel cell company myFC is a leading provider of hydrogen-powered micro fuel cells. The company is present at MWC Shanghai 2019 to show manufacturers of portable electronics and battery cars how its hydrogen fuel cell solution can provide extended range and reduced climate impact. Hydrogen gas is the only form of energy that does not produce carbon dioxide during combustion.

“We can reduce carbon footprint and improve customer experience for companies who are looking for a sustainable and innovative complement to batteries. Our technology solution is relevant for any manufacturer of battery-operated products that is interested in adding hydrogen and fuel cells to the equation. MWC Shanghai is a great place for us to meet manufacturers in both the mobile and the electric automotive industries,” says Sebastian Weber, Chief Technology Integration Officer of myFC.

myFC’s ability to co-locate battery and fuel cell as a hybrid solution allows consumer brands to differentiate their products in a sustainable, user friendly way. The company’s technology solution comprises its thin and modular fuel cell, a fully developed control system that can optimize battery charging, lifetime and autonomy, as well as AI capabilities that optimize charging according to user patterns.

Meet myFC at MWC Shanghai 2019 June 26-28
Shanghai New International Expo Center
Hall N5, Innovation City, Booth ICE06