Press Release

Key patent granted to myFC in South Korea

The South Korean Patent Office has granted an additional key patent to myFC. The patent includes the unique construction which is crucial to myFC’s thin and highly effective PEM fuel cell.

The patent covers vital parts of myFC’s fuel cell design regarding variations in how the company embeds the cells into the chassis bearing structure, allowing for the thin, bendable and flexible design for the fuel cells. It is precisely this design which lies behind the unique fuel cell technology used in myFC’s product family, JAQ.

”Our IP strategy delivers. South Korea is an extremely important country for mobile terminals and the underlying mobile technology, and therefore it is a great achievement to have been so highly appraised within this high tech environment.

Two of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, who are also influential brands, are in South Korea. Therefore, it is a country of utmost importance for myFC’s charger, JAQ, and eventually for the integration of fuel cells and fuel cell architecture into smart phones and tablets,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

The granted patent in South Korea will further strengthen the protection that myFC has developed, broadening the existing patent portfolio to 48 approved patents with a further 30 patent applications pending.

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