Press Release

MyFC runs an electric car on water at Almedalen political week

MyFC is showcasing a commercial electric car with an integrated prototype of the company's fuel cell-based range extender, LAMINA REX, at the Almedalen political week. The technology is still under development, but during the week the car has been successfully driven on water, in a controlled environment. The objective with the range extender is to as much as double the mileage of an electric car, completely free from emissions.

Over the past year, myFC has worked on the development of a fuel cell-based range extender for electric cars. A milestone in the development work was reached as the car was fueled with water, and then driven using the electricity generated by Myfc’s fuel cells.

“Our technology has now been verified also here in Visby. We have fueled an electric car with water, created hydrogen on board, and then driven the car with zero tail pipe emissions. This is evidence our research has been successful, and we are very proud," says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

“We we will never reach the Agenda 2030 environmental goals with the technology available to us today, and the transition is too slow. We need new technologies and new fuel logic, and we need to demand that it be sustainable. MyFC is part of that development.

MyFC initiated the development project toward the automotive industry in order to address the limited range of today's battery technology. The long-term ambition is to solve the limitations in battery performance by integrating the company's fuel cell technology and enabling onboard hydrogen generation, OHG, in electric vehicles. The technology can also reduce vehicle weight and production and driving costs, as fewer batteries may be needed when a completely exhaust-free range extender becomes a true alternative.

The LAMINA REX technology is a form of electrochemical energy storage, consisting of a hydrogen-generating fuel in combination with a fuel cell that produces electricity. The technology can extend the mileage and secure the charging of electric vehicles. This process does not release any exhaust gases in electric vehicles, meeting the Paris Agreement environmental targets for 2025 and 2030. The chemical reaction in the system generates energy, water and a solid reaction product. The reaction product can be used to rebuild the fuel, making a wholly circular fuel solution possible. Depending on the mix of electricity used, it is thus possible to use and recreate the fuel with a lower environmental impact per kilometer than that of an electric car in clean electrical operation throughout the life cycle.

The development project LAMINA REX involves creating an IP and technology foundation that can then be licensed to partners in the automotive and related industries, for adaptation and integration in electric vehicles and in the fuel infrastructure. The fuel can be distributed in several ways, and the driver can, for example, refuel the car with myFC fuel through fuel bags or gas stations. A collaboration with Gränges AB is underway to develop a lighter prototype of LAMINA REX in aluminum.

The car shown at Almedalen political week has a complete solution integrated, but is by no means commercial or fully developed. The car is located in stand H55 at Fordonsexpo at Visby harbor.

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