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myFC to develop smart cases for smartphones, initiates collaboration with case manufacturer Krusell

myFC has decided to develop a smart smartphone case with fuel cells. The case will be the first commercial application of LAMINA MAX, the company's platform for fuel cell integration. LAMINA INcase will be developed in collaboration with premium case manufacturer Krusell.

myFC has entered into a non-exclusive partnership with Krusell, the Jays-owned mobile accessories manufacturer in the premium segment. The purpose of the agreement is to create products that combine the technologies, knowledge and market relations of the two companies. The collaboration has so far resulted in prototypes of the fuel cell charger JAQ Hybrid, and also a prototype on a fuel cell integrated smartphone case ­­– LAMINA INcase.

“Our reference platform LAMINA MAX is ready for its first commercial application, and Krusell is a very good partner for us. In addition to the high quality of their products, we are in agreement on environmental concerns, and Krusell has a long tradition in questions of sustainability. The company is guided by "sustainability forever" which we at myFC of course fully subscribe to. I look forward to exploring what smart, stylish, powerful and green products we can create together,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

Most smartphone users buy one or more cases today. The case has several functions: shock and scratch protection, to express personality and belonging, and, to an increasing extent, to extend battery life with the help of integrated batteries. myFC will now, with the support of Krusell, develop a smart case with integrated fuel cells – LAMINA INcase, based on the LAMINA MAX platform.

LAMINA INcase is a smartphone case with fuel cells that can be charged anywhere, anytime with myFC's fuel card or wall outlet. As previously announced, even a modest share of the market would mean significant revenues from the fuel for myFC.

“A combination of smart products with innovative and sustainable technology is the core of what we want to contribute with. The customer benefit is great, as is the contribution to a better environment. To work in an innovative environment with a Swedish cutting-edge company is an honor and also rewarding. We look forward to continuing to develop new products together with myFC,” says Ulf Sandberg CEO at Krusell.

“With LAMINA INcase, users get relief from depleted batteries and we get benefits such as faster time-to-market to meet some of our goals, such as increasing the penetration of fuel cells on the market and then increasing sales of our fuel. The latter is expected to generate recurring revenues of between 5-10 times the revenue for the fuel cell – the same logic as for full integration of smartphones,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

The first model of LAMINA INcase is planned to be designed for a leading supplier's flagship model, followed by additional models for more brands. Sales are planned through the channels where myFC today markets its fuel cell-based power bank JAQ Hybrid and the LAMINA MAX platform: telecom operators, mobile distributors, smartphone manufacturers and case manufacturers.

This information is information that myFC is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 11:00 CET on 19 February 2019.

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About myFC
MyFC is a Swedish innovation company and market leader in micro fuel cells, which develops green energy solutions and markets the underlying components and advantages of its patented technologies to the smartphone world, power bank manufacturers and manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry. In 2017, myFC launched its JAQ Hybrid platform, which co-locates fuel cell and battery. JAQ Hybrid is the company's third hydrogen-powered product following JAQ and PowerTrekk. It runs on the company's patented fuel consisting of salt, water and reactants. MyFC was founded in 2005 and is part of the group myFC Holding AB. MyFC Holding was listed on NASDAQ First North in May 2014. Its head office is located in Stockholm and the company's Certified Advisor is Avanza Bank. For more information, visit

About Krusell
Krusell United AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jays Group AB (publ). Krusell has manufactured mobile phone accessories since 1991 and has its head office in Gothenburg. Manufacturing is conducted in its fully owned production in Thailand. Krusell's vision is "To be the natural choice for all who long for timeless tech accessories and a sustainable future."