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myFC integrates the JAQ fuel cell in smartphones

myFC communicates that the company is the first in the world to showcase a fully working iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 with integrated fuel cells. The phones are powered by myFC’s patented fuel based on water and salt. The technology has previously only been demonstrated and sold in stand-alone products, such as the fuel cell charger JAQ and the hybrid fuel cell PowerTrekk.

myFC’s integrated fuel cell, seen in Apple’s iPhone 7, increases the thickness of the phone by only 0.9 mm.
There is currently no cooperation between external brands or companies mentioned or shown in the videos and photos in conjunction with this press release.

–       Integration of our fuel cells into smartphones has been our goal for a long time and through the technological development with JAQ, we can accelerate the integration development of our platform. The latest trend with smartphone users’ extreme power thirst, in combination with technological breakthroughs in our own development, has prompted us to intensify our work with integration, says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

The processing power in smartphones is increasing rapidly and battery development cannot keep up. This fact, in combination with the app culture and battery demanding games has resulted in a drastic increase in sales of battery chargers, or power banks. At the same time, some of the largest producers of smartphones have recently struggled with batteries both overheating and catching fire.

Because of myFC’s increased focus on integration, the work towards full integration of both fuel cells and fuel in smartphones has intensified.

We are continuing the process of discussing with producers of smartphone casing and power banks, especially in the fashion technology and high-end tech segments. The business model will preferentially be based on the licensing of myFC’s patented technology.

       We have developed a very small and powerful fuel cell with a fuel based on water and salt, and the JAQ system is completely unique on the market.  Through integration of our technology, we lower the threshold for smartphone manufacturers and producers of power banks to work with fuel cell technology. This means that we can reach out with our technology to a much wider circle of customers.

Integrated fuel cells diminish the limitations of lithium ion batteries when it comes to performance and storage capacity and gives the users an opportunity to charge their devices without access to the grid.

       We are very proud to finally be able to show off our advances in integrated fuel cells. This is how we first started a few years back, cooperating with Nokia amongst others, but we are now at a completely new level with thinner, more powerful cells and a much higher efficiency in the JAQ-fuel. We have developed our work with integration during the last year and we are now ready to showcase several different smartphone models, powered by Swedish fuel cell technology, concludes Björn.

See the video where myFC’s fuel cell is integrated in an iPhone 7 >>

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Björn Westerholm, CEO 
Phone: +46 (0) 706 56 20 07

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