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myFC delivers first order of fuel cell charger JAQ to the phone operator Tre

myFC has now delivered their first order of the world smallest fuel cell charger, JAQ, for testing and evaluating to the mobile phone operator Three in Sweden. As previously announced, the IEC certification has been completed and the first delivery is now for testing and evaluation by the operator. The next step will be to bring the products to the final consumer. 

Mobile operator Three in Sweden, will now be the first to receive JAQ and shortly, providing customers to charge their mobile devices with green energy, without the dependence of an electrical outlet. Using JAQ and the charge cards filled with, among other things, water and salt, the user produces their own electricity. JAQ is designed to be a green solution for the rapidly growing need for energy, with the main focus being on smartphones.

"The delivery is a historic moment for the fuel cell world: this is a technological breakthrough since no one has yet taken the dream of a water-based integrated fuel to reality in the form of a finished product, even though there have been multiple attempts. The technology in the charge card used with the JAQ is based on, among other things, water and salt to generate hydrogen gas. The hydrogen is used to generate the electricity. Optimization and tuning of all components is ongoing, with the focus now being set on the user’s experience. It is gratifying to have the first certified devices finally leave the office at Saltmätargatan in Stockholm.

“The reason we are here today is that we have achieved a breakthrough in solving a number of difficult problems and can now begin the integration with our robotic production line, based on ABB's Yumi. Moreover, we begin to build the foundation for the expansion of production in the markets where we need to be close to the customer.

“Today, we have some 30 operators waiting to begin the testing and evaluation of our patented technology and products, so we expect to eventually go into a pure commercial phase with these customer relationships - this is a good day,"
says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

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Björn Westerholm, CEO    
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