Press Release

European Patent Office intends to approve another key myFC patent

myFC has been notified that the European Patent Office intends to approve a further key patent for the company. The patent notably includes the sensor cell, which is vital for the fuel cell’s lifetime improvement.

The sensor cell patent that EPO now intends to approve describes myFC's fuel cell technology with regard to the lifetime of the cell on a technical level. The technology plays a crucial role in the open-end strategy, which is a key component for the integration of fuel cells into smartphones.

The patent also covers vital parts of myFC's fuel cell construction. myFC's fuel cell design is unique in that it is thin, flexible, malleable, and highly efficient.

“We are a knowledge company and there is many years of hard development work behind our technology. Protecting our technology is a very important part of our strategy, and I welcome the announcement that EPO has declared its intention to approve this patent, says Michael Glantz, Chief Technology Officer at myFC.

The patent in question has previously been approved in Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, USA and South Africa. myFC's patent portfolio now consists of more than 90 approved patents and ongoing patent applications.