Press Release

Board Brief from Chairman Ulf Henning

myFC’s Chairman of the Board Ulf Henning comments on recent market and company developments.

“I would like to start by thanking myFC’s shareholders for their trust in electing me as Chairman of the Board. During my eight years in the company, I have gotten to know myFC well and I recognize the potential of the staff, our products and our entire technology.

As was stated when I was nominated to the Board, I have many years of experience in senior management positions in several industries. I was CFO of the northern European consulting company eWork and board member of several of the eWork Group's subsidiaries. Prior to that, I was CEO within the MTG Group. My task now, together with the other board members, will be to give the company the best possible conditions to succeed. A high-functioning, well-composed board that works closely with the CEO to provide support in various strategic issues and in the company’s long-term financing is crucial for the company to succeed.

My assessment is that myFC is well equipped to face a future that is increasingly interested in hydrogen. The need for new, greener sources of energy has never been greater. On a daily basis, the media is reporting on how hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in a number of different areas. Well functioning and adaptive fuel cells are a crucial part of making this happen, and this is exactly what myFC can offer. We have come a long way in finding suitable partners and developing new solutions and products. Several interesting projects are in progress.

We have made a number of major changes recently at myFC. I would like to make a clarification regarding one of our main owners. The company H 119 AG, which owns more than 43 million shares in myFC, was originally owned equally by Markus Hermanek and Alex Guy. At the beginning of February this year, Alex Guy acquired all of Markus Hermanek's shares in H 119 AG. This has no direct bearing on myFC, as H 119 AG kept its shares and no direct sale of shares in myFC took place. It has nevertheless caused some questions, and I would like to take this opportunity to clarify this once again. Helvetican International's indirect involvement in myFC has thereby ended, while H 119 AG continues to be our largest owner.

I am convinced that myFC will play an important role in future energy solutions where micro fuel cells are part of the technology solution. Our unique Lamina cell with its performance and flexibility will provide great benefits in many different applications in the future. I am happy to continue to be one of the players in the team that is myFC. "

Ulf Henning
Chairman of the Board, myFC