Press Release

Key Canadian patent application approved for myFC

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has approved a key patent application for myFC. The patent covers an important section of the automatic control and self-regulation of the company's “open-end” solution, which is crucial in improving the fuel cell’s lifespan.

The patent protects the technology which controls the fuel cell in its startup phase; specifically, the unique automatic control which prevents overcharging and degradation of the fuel cell until it generates enough energy from the hydrogen gas supplied to the system. This technology is the basis for improving both performance and lifespan of of myFC’s thin and effective PEM-fuel cell.

“We have developed the technology to extend the lifespan of our fuel cell significantly, and we have the patent to protect it. This patent is key for our Lamina Hybrid platform, the backbone of both the JAQ Hybrid and the Lamina REX,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

The approved Canadian patent application strengthens the IP protection developed by myFC, and extends its existing patent portfolio of 53 granted patents and 28 pending patent applications.