Press Release

Decisions taken at the Extraordinary General Meeting of myFC Holding AB (publ)

At today's Extraordinary General Meeting of myFC Holding AB (publ), decisions were taken in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal: to carry out a directed issue of shares to H119 Ltd, to elect two new Board members, and their remuneration.

The Annual General Meeting took the decisions listed below. All decisions were in accordance with the proposals presented and are described in detail in the EGM documents available on the company's website

  • Decision to issue 46,900,000 shares. The subscription price is SEK 0.45 per share.
  • Decision to elect Markus Hermanek and Alex Guy to the Board. Both members are nominated by H119 Ltd.
  • Decision to set the fee to the newly elected Board members for the period until the next Annual General Meeting at SEK 53,973 each.