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myFC and mobile network carrier ‘du’ to sign an exclusive sales agreement for the entire UAE

myFC previously announced that they are signing an exclusive agreement with a mobile network carrier in UAE. Today the company unveils that it is the carrier ‘du’ that is the new partner.

The agreement between the companies regulates an exclusive right for du, to sell, distribute and market myFC’s new fuel cell charger JAQ and the associated PowerCards to du’s customers in all of the UAE including distribution of JAQ in the company’s Shops in and around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Qwain, among other places.

myFC JAQ is a revolutionary fuel cell device that creates its own electricity with a slim, recyclable single-use PowerCard, based on water and salt. The PowerCard delivers about one full smartphone charge. The PowerCards are disposable, and the only emission they give off in the creation of electricity is water vapour and heat.

In the agreement, both partners agreed on pricing for the product and target volumes. The agreed time frame is set to start selling JAQ in the UAE domain beginning Q2 in 2016.

“We are thrilled to have joined hands with myFC to bring JAQ exclusively to our customers in the UAE. This environmentally friendly and colourful charging device will add value to our customers lives as it can provide instant charging power to them regardless of where they are,” said Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer, du. “Providing our customers with exclusive products and services lets them know that they are at the forefront of all our business decisions and we look forward to offering them this new product in 2016.”, says Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer at du.

“We are very happy to work together with this region’s most forward leaning operator. We work and care about end-users ability to continue to stay online – and when necessary charge their smartphone completely free from the electricity grid and wall. More importantly, it is a win-win situation. The operator can have data traffic hungry consumers online, building top line revenue and consumers that demands bandwidth and power gets green environmental friendly future proof instant power on the go”, says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

For further questions, please contact: 
Björn Westerholm, CEO 
Telephone: +46 (0) 706 56 20 07