Press Release

myFC executes decisions on directed new share issue and lockup

myFC has initiated the implementation of the decisions made by the Extraordinary General Meeting on November 6. As part of the contract on the directed new issue, the new major owner H119 Ltd, controlled by Helvetican International Ltd, has committed to a lockup of 18 months.

The issue will bring in SEK 21 million before issue costs. The myFC Board of Directors is also expanded with two members from Helvetican International, Markus Hermanek and Alex Guy. H119 Ltd has undertaken to retain the shares subscribed for in the rights issue for at least 18 months.

“I am very pleased to get a financially strong institutional owner that wishes to take part in developing the company long-term. With this agreement, we gain access to their network and strategic understanding and receive capital to improve our technology and accelerate our sales ambitions,” says Peter Friedrichsen, CEO of myFC.