Press Release

MyFC Holding (publ) interim report July – September 2017

Significant events July – September

  • Reinforced Group Management: Torbjörn Möller new Chief Operating Officer and Max Rydahl new marketing and sales director

  • British Signal Special Opportunities new major owner; Handelsbanken Fonder expands ownership

  • New patent granted in Canada

Comment from CEO Björn Westerholm:

“The third quarter of the year has been one of execution. We have strengthened our organization and our finances, we have continued the work to commercialize JAQ Hybrid, and we have begun the development of a Lamina REX prototype.

The work to industrialize JAQ Hybrid is progressing according to plan. As previously communicated, our intention is to initiate phase 2 in our framework agreement with our Chinese customer Telling in 2017. Phase 2 entails a mutual commitment of 400,000 units of JAQ Hybrid.

During and after the end of the quarter we have further strengthened our finances. Our strong liquidity enables continued organizational reinforcements as well as accelerated execution of our prioritized projects. We operate in a highly fast-paced market, and have every intention of continuing to lead the development of fuel cell technology for mobile devices. In order to do that, we need to add further competence to the company.”

The information in this interim report is information that myFC AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the Swedish Securities Market Act.