Press Release

myFC in feasibility study with RahRah Technologies

RahRah Technologies LLC, a Qatar-based start-up of last-mile electric mobility, has initiated a feasibility study together with Swedish micro fuel cell company myFC. The objective is to explore the integration of myFC’s hybrid fuel cell technology into vehicles designed and produced by RahRah Technologies.

The cooperation entails a feasibility study to evaluate myFC’s fuel cell technology in powering the vehicles designed and produced by RahRah Technologies, such as e-tuktuks and e-scooters.

“I believe our ability to offer freedom-in-design is a great opportunity for the fast-growing e-mobility segment, and I look forward to exploring this together with RahRah Technologies. It’s always a pleasure when our modular, scalable fuel cell solutions gather attention from across the world,” says Michael Glantz, CEO of myFC.

RahRah Technologies is dedicated to designing and producing vehicles for last-mile mobility, including but not limited to e-scooters and e-tuktuks for delivery and ridesharing.

“Last-mile electric mobility is essential in the regions where RahRah Technologies plans to operate and we are eager to evaluate what role fuel cells could have in our vehicles. myFC has a compelling technology solution and I look forward to exploring how it could support our products,” says Obaid Rahman, CEO of RahRah Technologies LLC.