Press Release

myFC participates in concept study for small vehicles with the Swedish Energy Agency

Micro fuel cell company myFC has been selected to participate in a concept study for the development of small, environmentally friendly, cost and energy efficient vehicles. The study is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, led by research institute RISE, with the overall objective to reduce emissions and strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry.

The project will be conducted during the spring of 2021 under the framework of the initiative Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (FFI), and is particularly focused on smaller vehicles such as pod taxis. The aim is to increase knowledge in the field of small electric and hydrogen vehicles, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the Swedish industry.

The concept study will increase knowledge about small vehicles and develop proposals for two powertrain architectures, of which one is a hybrid hydrogen-fuel cell solution. A total of four companies have been selected to participate, and myFC's task is to contribute with expertise in fuel cell technology.

“We have previously shown that we can convert an electric car to hybrid hydrogen fuel cell operation. But the flexibility of our core technology, which is completely unique to us, is especially useful in this project. Our fuel cell is so small and modular that we can adapt it in an optimal way to the power needs of the vehicle, instead of having to adapt the vehicle to the fuel cell, which is the case with many other fuel cell solutions. We are simply very competitive in this area,” says Sebastian Weber, CTO for myFC.

In urban environments, small vehicles are expected to play a major role in reducing emissions. But  for the shift to a new and more environmentally friendly vehicle fleet to occur, the vehicles must offer additional benefits to the companies that use them.

“A taxi business or delivery service only makes money when the vehicles are rolling, and in order to be charged, electric vehicles must stand still. But if you add a fuel cell to the equation, you can keep the business going uninterrupted without having to invest in, for example, extra batteries. It is an incredibly elegant solution and the whole logic behind our technology development, says Sebastian Weber, CTO for myFC.