Press Release

Open invitation to the showcasing of myFC:s hybrid vehicle concept

On June 17, myFC invites the public to a demonstration of its hybrid battery-fuel cell vehicle concept. The program will include a demonstration of the technology, a test drive, and a panel discussion.

“Completing this project according to our promise to the market in the midst of a pandemic has been a challenge. I am grateful to all who made it happen,” says Michael Glantz, CEO of myFC.

“I had very much looked forward to showcasing this important proof of concept at a physical event, but in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, a digital event is the responsible thing to do. We will do everything in our power to demonstrate the technology in detail to everyone who is joining us online, and I am very pleased to have important profiles from the hydrogen and automotive industries attend in person for a discussion on how the market we are addressing is evolving,” says Michael Glantz, CEO of myFC.

The entire program will be streamed from myFC:s website starting at 3 pm CEST. The program for the day looks as follows:

Under the hood: a technology showcase
An in-depth run-through of the technology behind myFC’s hybrid concept. Hear the engineers explain the concept and discuss the possibilities of fuel-cell technology in applications such as a car.

On the road: test drive
Fuel cells and batteries come alive in a test drive of of myFC’s hybrid concept.

The bigger picture: a panel discussion
Authorities from the automotive, electrification, and hydrogen industries discuss current trends and provide a peak into the future.

Read more about the event and sign up for updates here: